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The transition into school can cause much anxiety for children and parents alike. The preschooler program aims to alleviate this uncertainty, as its main goal is prepare children for school.

It provides a stimulating and fun learning environment, encouraging children to explore and make learning discoveries, in a focused and structured way. It aims to motivate and encourage children to achieve their personal best, fostering each child's self-esteem and confidence.

This 90 minute session explicitly teaches both early literacy and numeracy skills.

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The literacy component of this session features the Little Learners Love Literacy program. This program has been developed from evidence-based research, proven to engage children's interest while teaching phonemic awareness and phonic skills to read, spell and write. For more information visit http://www.learninglogic.com.au

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Meet Milo the Monkey

Milo the monkey is having a birthday party. He has lots of friends to invite to his party. Each of Milo's friends begins with the same sound, for example, Sally the snake, Ally the alligator. At Learning Buds, we take your child on a journey through the alphabet by introducing one of Milo's friends each session. Milo's new friend's letter and sound is our focus each week. This makes learning fun and engaging.

Children absolutely LOVE meeting each new character, and are excited to see which new 'friend' Milo will invite next.

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Rainbow Writing

Rainbow writing is also a HUGE favourite, as children learn about the correct starting position and letter formation of the letter of the day.

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Super Spelling

As children learn a set of 8 sounds, we begin to use these sounds to spell and read words. 'Super Spelling' is a weekly activity that provides children with the skills and confidence to read.


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A specific key learning area of numeracy will be integrated into each session. The numeracy component of each session aims to provide children with a solid number sense. Children will:

Children will receive: